Welcome to Transformative Self-Care!

Transformative Self-Care is here to provide practical resources to promote wellness-inspired living...because feeling better changes everything!

Our Story

Transformative Self-Care was founded in 2012 with the intention to provide wellness services to foster the health and happiness of my patrons, but the mission grew out of my own pursuit of happiness and well-being.

After struggling for many years with chronic stress, anxiety, and bouts of depression, I discovered the transformative power of practicing self-care, and as I began to make new choices that changed how I thought, how I felt, how I looked, and how I moved! 

Starting off as a massage therapist and wellness support practitioner, I later earned a therapeutic yoga certification to further help my clients manage pain and stress through mindfulness, breathwork, and shifting the way they moved and occupied their bodies. 

Danielle Denise Hicks,
Founder of Transformative Self-Care

After the 2020 pandemic compelled me to temporarily shut down my practice after over a decade as a wellness practitioner, I decided to stay on purpose and shift my services by offering wellness-based products and resources to help my patrons, old and new, enhance and deepen their self-care practices from home or on the go.


I truly believe that self-care can change lives, as it has my own, and perhaps even the world! And it is my greatest aim to help purpose-driven women and men create lifestyle habits that nourish their spirits and empower their pursuit of health, happiness, and fulfillment so that they can live the inspired life of their dreams, no matter what!