Transformative Self-Care - Therapeutic Massage and Yoga

Massage Therapy

I am committed to offering exceptional bodywork that feels as good as it is effective, so I integrate a blend of therapeutic techniques and mindful touch to address your unique needs from relaxation to pain management or anywhere in between! I offer a range of pressure from light to deep.

Some of the therapies that may be utilized are:

Swedish Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Trigger Point Therapy
Neuromuscular Therapy 
Myofascial Release
Table Thai and stretching
Guided Relaxation

Private Therapeutic Yoga

I offer private therapeutic yoga sessions designed to address your individual goals and needs. These sessions are ideal for clients who want to enhance the benefits of their massage, improve their posture, or for those interested in developing or deepening a personal yoga practice or stretching routine for managing pain, stress, and anxiety beyond the treatment room!

Therapeutic yoga may utilizes several practices, including:

Breathwork (Pranayama)
Dynamic Movement (Krya)
Postures (Asana)
Guided Relaxation

If you are suffering from chronic pain or stress, scheduling massage, yoga, or both, at regular intervals will give us the opportunity to work at a deeper level, helping you to experience more lasting and definitive shifts in your body and state of being. 

To make regular bodywork more affordable, I offer discount packages and a monthly membership program. 

I will also assist you by offering self-care tips and practices that will enhance and extend the benefits of your massage and yoga sessions. 

Check out my wellness blog for insightful information that will support your efforts for positive change and whole-life wellness!

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