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Transformative Self-Care--Austin Massage and Yoga TherapistHi there! My name is Danielle and I am a licensed massage therapist, owner of Transformative Self-Care, and a self-proclaimed Wellness Warrior--I believe that it is a natural birthright to be healthy, happy, and fulfilled and it is my ever-expanding aim to embody and promote this standard. My massage therapy training and informal studies empowered me to embark on a personal journey of transformation with the aim of cultivating genuine health and inner peace. I've discovered that as I continue along this path of practical spirituality, my desire to support and encourage others to experience their own well-being has grown stronger and stronger. Since earning my licence in 2007, I have had the tremendous benefit of working professionally with a variety of people and a wide range of conditions. I continue to enjoy learning, studying, and developing my capacity to address the needs and concerns of my clients in a way that honors my body as well as theirs, and in 2014 I earned a yoga teacher certification to offer a wider range of wellness support.

But Transformative Self- is not really about me. It is my goal to assist you by helping you to experience the natural state of inner peace and insight that occurs when unnecessary resistance and tension is dissolved from the body and the mind, and your needs are properly met. I am as committed to you as I am to myself, and it is my goal to continue to gather useful knowledge to better serve your needs and assist you in creating and sustaining greater well-being!

                   (512) 663-8634 
16301 Yellow Sage st, Pflugerville, TX 78660


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